Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Seiko Pilot Frixion Ballpoint Pen

I received this pen when I attended a function organised by Seiko in Kuala Lumpur recently. It is a ballpoint pen that has a unique feature of being able to be erased.

There is a detail instruction sheet that came with the pen. As the name suggests, it works due to friction. As you rub the ink with the special material that comes with the pen, it generates heat. At 60 degree Celsius, the ink will disintegrate and disappear. 

The pen looks normal apart from the many Japanese text on it (I suspect its the instructions).

This is the unique material that is able to generate the necessary heat (on rubbing) to erase the ink. I suspect it is just silicone.

By moving the clip down, the tip will be exposed at the bottom. It will lock in place.

Pressing it further will unlock it and internal springs will push the whole clip upwards including the tip.

The technology used by Pilot - Frixion Ball.

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